Davorin Štetner is the new president of the CCKF – Croatian Car & Karting Federation

During the assembly held on the 9th of March in the Hotel International in Zagreb, the Croatian Car and Karting Federation voted a new President. Matko Bolanča recently resigned from duty and his successor became Davorin Štetner, entrepreneur and long serving member of CCKF’s governing bodies.

The annual assembly of CCKF was held on the 9th of March in the Hotel International in Zagreb and 45 members with the voting rights were present. The agenda was usual for the annual assembly, but since the former President Matko Bolanča recently resigned, a person to fill the vacant position had to be voted.

The only candidate was Davorin Štetner, a well known person in the governing bodies of the CCKF. For the last eight years he was a member of CCKF’s Board of Directors. During the assembly he spoke to the CCKF members, presented his programme for the next two years and received just about unanimous support.

“I would like to thank the clubs, the Board of Directors and all the others for the support. In front of me is a big task, but I believe that the first results of my work will be visible in a short period of time.”

Štetner will serve as president for at least two years, until the end of the mandate for the actuall leadership. He said that the other governing bodies of the CCKF will not be changed at this time.

The new President set his goals towards a more significant media presence of the motorsport and karting, following the modern trends such as social networks and also announced that he will work on better cooperation between the CCKF, clubs, race organisers and the drivers.

“Good race organisers are the most important. Also, we have to set our focus on karting, because that is the foundation of our sport. The drivers need our help because we know that the motorsports are expensive.”

“I want to point out that I’ll always be available for conversation or constructive suggestions. We need to forget our differences and I hope this is the moment when we will start to build our sport together.”

Davorin Štetner entered the world of motorsport in 2011, when he started independent negotiations for acquiring Formula 1™ Championship media rights, which he did by signing a direct contract with Bernie Ecclestone and his Formula One World Championship Ltd. With this, he became the exclusive owner of the Formula 1™ media rights for Croatia for a three-year period, and, at 29, the youngest owner of F1™ rights in the world.

Today he is the member of the Council for Economic Affairs founded by Croatian president Kolinda Grabar – Kitarović, the President of Croatian Business Angels Network – CRANE and also member of the European Business Angels Network – EBAN‘s board of directors.

The assembly members wished all the best to the new President and stated their optimism for the years to come.